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Terms and Conditions

The contents of the site may be changed by FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES in the futurewithout prior notice. It is you, as a user, to occasionally return to our siteand receive the latest updates on the terms and condition. Any amendments ofterms and conditions will be taken into effect immediately. Your usage of FLASHFORCE INDUSTRIES following any changes will constitute the agreement to suchamendments. It is possible for the contents of the site to have typographicalerrors, inaccuracies data or omissions for the item descriptions, pricing, andavailability. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies oromissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice.We apologize for any inconvenience caused. If you are not completely satisfiedwith your purchase please feel free to contact us for more detail.

Limitation andRights of Refusal
Due to the quick turnovers of certain items, FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES reservesthe right at any time to amend the number of certain products that you havepurchased. If that is the case, we will contact you directly and provide youwith different options available at that time. We will try our best to fulfillyour order request. However, in all circumstances, FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIESreserves the final decision to refuse any order.

Changes toTerms and Conditions
FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES reserves the right to change or modify any of the termsand conditions contained in this User Agreement, or any policy of the Site, atany time without prior notice. Any changes or modifications to this UserAgreement or policy will take immediate effect upon posting of the revisions.Please review this User Agreement and any other applicable policiesperiodically in order to understand the terms and conditions that apply.

- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard,Discover, and American Express) through PayPal Express or PayPal as payment.All orders are billed upon completion of the online checkout
- All orders paid for with PayPal will be held from processing until thepayment has cleared
- We do not accept will call or mail-in orders
- The customer is responsible for all taxes


Terms and Conditions for Coupon /Discount Code 

- Enter the coupon code during checkout to activate
- Promo Codes can only be redeemed online.
- You must be 18 years or older to redeem a promo code.
- Void where prohibited by law.
- Only one (1) promo code may be redeemed per user account.
- Promo codes are redeemable on select merchandise only. Airsoft Guns,Discounted Items and Special Items are ineligible for your specific promo code.
- Items with Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) enforced by brand owner areexempt from discount coupons
- Promo codes may require a minimum dollar value purchase.
- Some promo codes are not valid on product(s) in pre-order status at the timeof order or on wait list reservations.
- Promo codes cannot be used in combination with other discounts, coupons,promotions, shipping specials or other promo codes.
- Even if a code is accepted at check out, all orders are reviewed by theCustomer Support team prior to fulfilment. If orders are deemed in violation ofany of these Terms and Conditions, they will be adjusted accordingly.
- Promo codes must be reentered at check out in order to be applied to yourorder. Promo codes can not be applied after order is submitted.
- Once a Promo code has been entered in an account, it cannot be removed ortransferred to another account 


Promo codes are strictly free promotional voucher codes with no monetary value.
Expiration dates are always displayed day/month/year.
Code may expire on the specified expiration date, at any time (GMT+8) –regardless of the physical time zone/location of the code holder. (GMT+8) Westrongly suggest using your code PRIOR to the expiration date.


- Promo code values will not be replaced if your order is canceled by you or FLASHFORCE INDUSTRIES or refunded
- Any promo code amounts in excess of your purchase will be carried over untilyour purchases exceed the balance on the card or the expiration date isreached.
- Promo codes are not replaceable if lost, stolen or damaged.
- Promo codes cannot be combined with other discounts, coupons andpromotions.
- Promo codes have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash. FLASH FORCEINDUSTRIES’s promotional promo codes are free and have no cash value, thereforecan have an expiration date.
- You are responsible for the security of your own promo code number. We willnot replace any amount from your promo code that has been used by another partyregardless of how the promo code number was obtained.
- Promo code value applies only to the product price and does not apply toshipping, sales/VAT taxes or fees.


Changes to promotion:
FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES reserves the right, without further notice to theholders of the promo codes, to modify the terms and conditions for use of thepromo codes, or to suspend or cancel the promo code program in whole or inpart.

- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES will accept international orders from most countries.Customs restrictions and conditions will determine whether shipping ispermitted to a certain country. We recommend that all international customerscontact their local Law Enforcement or Customs Agency to get information aboutany laws, restrictions and fees for products before placing an order

- All prices stated are in US dollars (USD)
- Customer is responsible for knowing and well acquainted with all local and governmentregulations regarding importation, ownership and safe use of products sold by FLASHFORCE INDUSTRIES and its websites
- Customer is responsible for all taxes and tariffs on products sold by FLASHFORCE INDUSTRIES and its websites
- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES is not responsible for any packages that areabandoned, seized, or denied entry by any Customs officials or airportauthorities
- Customer is responsible for all transportation fees and charges on anypackages returned to sender. Fees and charges will be deducted from refundsprocessed upon arrival of package
- No refunds or credits will be issued on abandoned packages. Abandoned meansthat your package was discarded because either the merchant/purchaser and/orCustoms Agent/Agency denied entry or refused acceptance of package
- We request up to 10 business days to process and ship all normalinternational orders
- Delivery dates are not guaranteed due to required importation and customsinspections
- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES offers shipping orders to customers partial ifthey desire, but they must request this action and agree to the partialshipping policy. If you wish to have your order shipped partial please makenote of it on your order, in stock items will ship ASAP, and out of stock itemswill be placed on a second order, this order will be placed with theinformation from your first order, and you will receive an email notificationwith all the information for that order. Agreement to partial shipment oforders implies that you accept the fact that you will pay shipping charges eachtime we send you a box, and it implies that you agree to let the FLASH FORCEINDUSTRIES staff place a second order using your information.
- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES reserves the right to refuse or charge additionalshipping, taxes and brokerage fees resulting from an unauthorised return. Anunauthorised return is any package returned without authorisation from FLASHFORCE INDUSTRIES

- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES will correspond with all international customersvia 
email regarding any questions,problems or issues with an existing order
- To cancel a pending order please contact us.

- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES will only accept changes to orders within 
3 businessdays of receipt of order, no exceptions. To request or make changes, pleasecontact us through contact us. Please reference your 9 digit order ID# in your form
- Order cannot be changed or canceled while it is being prepared or once it isshipped
- In any cases of changes and cancellation, a 10% handling fee of the totalitem prices would be charged.
- Shipping cost will not be refunded if the order is shipped

- At FLASHFORCE INDUSTRIES we aspire to provide exceptional service and support to ourcustomers. We understand that not every purchase made from our website will bea flawless fit for every customer. Therefore, if you are not satisfy with aproduct that you purchased at our online   store, you will have 5 daysfrom the date of receipt of order to request a return for refund or exchangewith no restock fee (exclusions apply, see below).


- All merchandise being returned MUST be inBrand New condition. Meaning item has no signs of use or attempted use,modifications or signs of attempted modification (for example: removal ormodification of internal and external parts), and items are returned with allincluded accessories, merchandise tags, factory stickers and logos stillattached, and factory packaging is fully in tact.
- Any merchandise that is reported and/or determined to not be in thiscondition will not be granted return authorisation.
- Before shipping back any items for return, you must first receive returnauthorisation. A return request can be initiated by sending us an email throughcontact form.
- Customers will receive an email from the RMA Department authorising you toreturn items. An RMA number will be provided along with return instructionsthat need to be carefully followed. 
Please DO NOT send any returns back withoutan RMA number from FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES. Any packages received without returnauthorisation or an RMA number will be refused and disposed.
FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES will authorise returns for refundor exchange under the agreement from customer that all items being returned arein brand new and unused condition
- All items received will be inspected by the RMA Department to ensure itemsare qualified with the brand new and unused condition standard as required by FLASHFORCE INDUSTRIES and agreed upon by customer
- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES maintains full rights in determining condition ofmerchandise; if it is in brand new and unused condition, and therefore, isrestock-able and resell-able. Any merchandise determined to not be in thiscondition will be subject to the following open box fees:


1) 15% open boxfee
In brand new and unused condition with no signs of attempted use ormodification; but retail packaging is received in unsatisfactory condition thatwould not make the item restock.
Meaning manufacturer sealed packagings have been disabled or removed and/orpackaging has signs of damage such as warping, water damage, is ripped, torn,has holes, or has shipping labels attached directly onto retail packaging.


2) 30% open boxfee
Have signs of use or attempted use, modification or signs of attemptedmodification (i.e. removal of orange tip flash hider, installation of internaland external parts), accessory items included in packaging have been used.


Terms &Exclusions:
- No returns on any Gift items, Mystery Boxes, Wholesale or Discountedpurchases.
- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES maintains full rights in determining condition ofmerchandise.
- Open box fees will be automatically applied upon receipt and inspection ofitems by the RMA Department.
- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES reserves the right to refuse and/or deny any returnfor refund or exchange for any item that is determined to be used, damaged,altered, modified, or is in any condition that would deem the item to be notrestock-able or resell-able.


This return policy is only applicableto "BRAND NEW" and “UN-USED” items. Ifyou are encountering any problems or issues (defects, failure, damage) with anitem you received, it will be covered under our warranty policy. Allmerchandise, unless otherwise stated, that are sold on our website or any ofour retail stores will be covered under a 5-day warranty. Please refer to thewarranty policy for more details.

We know it is very frustrating when you encounter an issues with a product thatyou have just received. It is our goal to ensure that we take care of anyissues as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. If you are experiencingproblems with a product that you purchased from FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES, you maycontact our Customer Service Department via online store live chat during ourregular business hours (9:30am - 5:30 pm GMT+8, Monday - Friday) to helptroubleshoot your issues. Please provide as much information possible for theCustomer Service Representative to help. Many cases are easily resolved overthe live chat with basic troubleshooting assistance by our staff.


If the issue(s) cannot be resolvedover the online live chat and the product needs to be returned for warrantyservice, you can complete and submit an RMA Request Form by email.Warranty claims must be submitted within ourwarranty period*. (* Warranty period will begin from the date products are received.)


- The warranty policy applies to anypurchase made through retail website. We offer a 5 daysreturn warranty for factory defective items (Excluding any damages caused by other factors) upon the date of arrival at yourshipping address
- You must contact FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES via contact form in case you need toreturn your item for warranty
- FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES reserves the right to refuse or charge additionalshipping, taxes and brokerage fees resulting from an unauthorised warrantyreturn. An unauthorised warranty return is any package returned withoutauthorisation from FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES
- Please 
DO NOT send any returns back withoutprior authorisation from the RMA Department and the proper documentation.
- All warranty claims must be returned through our RMA process.
- All merchandise purchased from FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES which will be coveredunder the FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES warranty policy for 
5 days.
- At our discretion, FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES reserves the right to determinewhich cases are fit to be authorised for warranty processing.
- The warranty only covers manufacturer "
defects", notuser error.
- Customers are responsible for 
ALL theshipping charges for the warranty policy
- Any false information is used to obtain RMA authorisation will result adenial upon inspection once the product is received.

-       Improper use/abuse/neglect
-       Unauthorised/Illegal modifications
-       Tactical Gear with wear and tear

In general FLASH FORCE INDUSTRIES will be able to settle most warranty claimsin house. However, some manufacturer warranty claims will be handled bythemselves. You will be notified at the time of RMA processing if yourparticular product will fall under this case. We will be able to assist you inany ways we can on your warranty claim.

Products marked with MAP Policy have a strict minimum advertised price set bythe manufacturer, no additional discount is allowed.
Coupons cannot be used for Products marked with MAP.